Mobile Application Management with Automated Roll-outs and Data Retention

Enterprises need comprehensive mobile application management to easily configure apps, ensure company-wide compliance, enable rapid roll-outs and protect corporate data.

Teamwire, Oct 12 2016

In an mobile first world the management and administration of mobile applications becomes increasingly important for businesses. Enterprises need a comprehensive mobile application management in order to easily configure apps, ensure company-wide compliance, enable fast deployments and protect corporate data. Teamwire has always provided a leading feature set for professional mobile application management and has supported the most important enterprise mobility solutions. Recently we released some innovative features that further improve mobile application management with automated roll-outs and data retention policies.


Automated Roll-outs


Everybody who has done larger roll-outs in the enterprise world knows of potential issues with typos during registrations, missing passwords or falsely entered information. The results can be huge support requirements, slow roll-outs and dissatisfied users. That is why roll-outs should be highly automated.


Teamwire is now capable of completely automated roll-outs, which require no user action. Everything can be easily set up by IT with the Teamwire administrator portal in combination with the enterprise mobility management solution (e.g. MobileIron, Airwatch) in use by the business. When a user opens an app the first time on her device, Teamwire can then automatically take over user credentials and the app configuration from the enterprise mobility management solution and skip the whole registration process. The user only sees a loading indicator for a short time and can then directly start using the app. The user does not have to enter any data and does not have to become active here in any way (e.g. the user does not even have to click through windows). The results are fast roll-outs, minimal support required and happy users.


Data Retention Policies


Many enterprises and public organizations have to comply with regulatory requirements and data protection laws. In addition, enterprises and public organizations need to strongly protect corporate data and prevent unauthorized access. As a consequence several enterprises try to not store any data on mobile devices or at least as little data as possible. This is not an easy task, because enterprises cannot rely on users for these kind of activities and the benefit of certain apps without data is very limited.


Teamwire now offers professional data retention policies for its mobile and desktop applications. IT can define global policies for the maximum duration of data retention on the devices of users. All messages and data that are older than the set duration (e.g. 2 days, 2 weeks, etc.) are then automatically deleted from the devices. This ensures that confidential enterprise communications and sensitive data are not stored on devices longer than required.


A complete overview of Teamwire’s mobile application management can be found here. And please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of questions or required further information.