On the go, communicate safely: Tips for maximum security

How easily sensitive data can fall into the wrong hands is demonstrated by the data leak at the German Military. That is just the tip of the iceberg: More and more, authorities, organizations, and companies are becoming targets of cybercriminals and foreign intelligence services. But how can you effectively protect your data from dangers? Here you will find helpful tips and examples of how to maintain your security.

Teamwire, Apr 23 2024

How to securely communicate on the go


1. Rely on strong encryption

In today’s digital world, strong encryption is an essential part of any security strategy. By using robust encryption algorithms, you can protect your data from unauthorized access and ensure the confidentiality of your communication.
One example is end-to-end encryption technologies, which ensure that only you and the intended recipients can read your messages. By relying on such strong encryption, you increase the protection of your sensitive information and contribute to the security of your company.


✅Our tip: Choose a provider that continuously develops its security solutions.


2. Use VPN tunnels

An effective way to protect your communication on the go from potential security risks is to use a VPN tunnel. By encrypting your data traffic, your privacy is protected, and you can securely surf the internet without third parties tracking your activities.

A VPN tunnel creates a secure connection between your device and the internet. It also provides additional protection against data theft or surveillance. There are various providers in the market specializing in providing VPN services. With a VPN tunnel, you can communicate and operate online with peace of mind, even when using insecure networks.


✅Our tip: Ensure that your chosen VPN provider meets 100% of your security requirements.💯

3. Centrally manage end devices

To ensure maximum security on your end devices, optimal management is essential. Regular updates are vital to close potential security gaps and protect your data from dangers. With Mobile Device Management (MDM), you have the ability to centrally manage your employees’ devices and enforce security settings.
By consistently updating the software and effectively managing your end devices, you significantly contribute to the security of your communication. Therefore, adopt a proactive strategy to protect your digital life as best as possible and safeguard against potential threats in the future.


✅Our tip: Utilize the features of Mobile Device Management to enforce consistent security standards on all end devices used by your employees.


4. Optimize data management on end devices

To ensure maximum security on your end devices, it is crucial to carefully manage the data. By regularly backing up and using secure passwords, you can protect your sensitive information from dangers. Also, ensure that your end devices are always updated with the latest updates to avoid security vulnerabilities.
Comprehensive data management security strategies on end devices are essential to protect your organization and sensitive information. By implementing these measures, you lay the foundation for a secure future in the digital world.


✅Our tip: Suitable secure communication software allows you to centrally regulate the type and duration of data retention on end devices.⌛


5. Educate your employees

To best protect your company and employees from cyber attacks, educating them about the dangers of insecure communication is crucial. Regular training sessions will raise awareness among your colleagues and teach them how to communicate securely. It also helps in recognizing potential security risks.

By educating your employees about proven security practices, you create an awareness of the importance of data protection and security in the digital age. Only then can the future of your organization be protected from potential threats.


✅Our tip: Make cybersecurity training sessions engaging and assess the learning outcomes after each session. 👩‍🏫