Partnership with MobileIron – Secure Messenger and UEM

MobileIron and Teamwire have partnered to provide customers with an intuitive and secure enterprise messenger that can be easily managed and fully protected across an organization's mobile infrastructure.

Teamwire, Apr 04 2020
What MobileIron and Teamwire offer


MobileIron is a mobile-centric, zero trust platform for unified endpoint management (UEM). Its industry-leading security platform helps over 19,000 customers to quickly deploy apps, secure user access and protect data. MobileIron goes beyond identity management and gateway approaches by utilizing a profound set of attributes before granting access.


Its additional zero trust-enabling technologies include zero sign-on (ZSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and mobile threat defense (MTD). With these comprehensive capabilities MobileIron validates the device, establishes user context, checks app authorization, verifies the network, and detects and remediates threats before granting secure access to a device or user.


Teamwire offers a secure messaging app for enterprises, public authorities and healthcare organizations, or as our customers like to say a „secure alternative to WhatsApp for businesses”. We provide an intuitive messaging app with all popular features that helps customers to improve communication, simplify team collaboration and automate workflows. And with innovations like alerting, crisis communication, distribution lists, large group chats, polls and guest accesses Teamwire is much more than a secure messaging app.


Why our integrated solution helps enterprises


Teamwire delivers strong data protection, enterprise-grade security and company-wide compliance. We also provide a comprehensive dashboard for all administrative tasks like e.g. user management, LDAP/AD synchronization, communication rules, configuration of the app, security policies, audit logs and the messaging archive. However, we can do these things only on the app level, and not on the device level. Therefore if an enterprise wants to automatically deploy, fully manage and securely connect our app for its whole mobile infrastructure, the capabilities and strengths of MobileIron come into play.


Our enterprise customers particularly value these benefits and use cases of MobileIron:


1. Quickly deploying our secure enterprise messaging app

With MobileIron enterprises can easily push the Teamwire app to all devices via the in-house appstore. In addition, the user registration in Teamwire can be completely automated and users can directly start using the app. This significantly accelerates roll-outs and reduces IT support at the same time.


2. Securely connecting Teamwire to customer’s servers

Data transmission between our secure enterprise messaging app and a private cloud or on-premise server can be protected with MobileIron’s Sentry – a real-time VPN for secure tunneling and access control.


3. Stronger access protection and authentication

The multi-factor authentication and sign-on mechanisms (e.g. finger print, passcodes) of MobileIron regularly validate the user and strengthen user authentication, and thereby improve access security to Teamwire.


4. Preventing the use of Teamwire on unmanaged devices

Enterprises, especially the ones in regulated industries, need to ensure that sensitive data is fully protected at any time. In such cases a use of unmanaged mobile infrastructure is often not allowed. Together with MobileIron enterprises can prevent the access to Teamwire on unsecured personal devices.


5. Blacklisting insecure consumer messaging apps

Most consumer messaging apps (like e.g. WhatsApp) lack adequate security and data protection standards, that are required by enterprise customers. MobileIron can easily blacklist the deployment, access and use of insecure consumer messaging apps on corporate devices.


6. Enforcing comprehensive security and compliance policies 

The Teamwire app is protected by a container, that can be fully managed by MobileIron. This includes access permission and data retention rules. Furthermore, enterprises can configure, which data is accessible inside the app, and what digital content users may share with other applications.


7. Protecting data in case of device loss

MobileIron provides an enterprise-grade data loss prevention. If a device is ever lost, stolen or retired, our secure enterprise messaging app can be remotely wiped with MobileIron’s unified endpoint management platform.


8. Ensuring only compliant devices can use Teamwire

MobileIron automatically checks the compliance of devices and has unique mobile threat defense (MTD) capabilities in order to avoid the risk of a data breach. Non-compliant devices can easily be quarantined or remediated.


Perfect for regulated industries and mobile workforces


Due to the high security standards the combination of MobileIron and Teamwire is particularly well suited for customers in regulated industries like government, financial services, healthcare, public safety, energy or critical infrastructure. Also for enterprises with many mobile frontline workers and a larger mobile infrastructure the advantages of our integrated solution really pay off.


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