Secure business messaging for companies – advantages at a glance

Today we want to give prospects, customer and partners an insight in the product strategy of Teamwire and our mission to provide much more than secure enterprise messaging.

Teamwire, May 03 2020

The benefit of a product for customers often depends on the underlying strategy and long-term roadmap.


Secure Alternative to WhatsApp for Enterprises


Fundamentally our messaging app is a secure alternative to WhatsApp for enterprises, the public sector and healthcare. For organizations, who need to comply with data protection, security and compliance, Teamwire is solving the following problems:


1. There is a general transition from email to messaging taking place. While in the consumer world this transition is nearly completed (e.g. among family and friends hardly anybody uses email anymore), in the business world this change is still in an early stage.


2. At the same time mobile devices have been becoming the primary medium for the communication in the business world. All employees are becoming “mobile” workers, that need a suitable tool for fast communication and easy collaboration on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.


3. Employees often use consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp as part of the shadow IT. These apps normally don’t meet the data protection (e.g. GDPR), security and compliance requirements of enterprises, the public sector and healthcare.


These challenges apply to most organizations nowadays and occur in all industries. Teamwire’s core mission is to provide a secure enterprise messaging app that is the perfect solution for these challenges.


Basic Feature Set for Secure Enterprise Messaging


A secure alternative to WhatsApp needs a certain feature set to meet the standard requirements of enterprises, the public sector and healthcare:


1. Intuitive messaging app with all known features (e.g. easy user interface, group chats, sharing of digital content, read receipts, etc.).


2. Mobile and desktop apps for cross-platform usage (incl. persistent chats and synchronization) and location-independent access of employees.


3. Strong data protection (e.g. data sovereignty, privacy by design, GDPR), security (e.g. full encryption, access protection) and compliance (e.g. comprehensive policies, archiving).


4. Highly scalable and performant solution that can be hosted as a cloud, private cloud or on-premise solution (depending on the customer preference).


5. Easy and professional administration for the whole organization (e.g. user management, LDAP-synchronization, multi-tenancy, configuration of app, communication settings, user permissions).


6. Comprehensive mobile application management(e.g. secure container) and support for MDM/EMM/UEM tools to enhance security and automate roll-outs.


These have always been the core features of Teamwire and we have continuously improved our secure enterprise messaging app to provide leading functionality in all these areas.


Additional Features Improve Collaboration and Productivity 


In order to cover additional use cases of our customers, we released several innovations in the last 2 years. The goal of these new features was to improve the collaboration and increase the productivity of enterprises, the public sector and healthcare. Some of these innovations have been:


+  Powerful group chats with advanced features like one-click distribution lists, chats with more than 1.000 members, professional chat administration and broadcasting.


+  Alerting and crisis communication for the escalation as well as the coordination of critical events and emergencies.


+  Connections to any 3rd party services (e.g. ERP, CRM, data bases, monitoring tools, mission control systems, IoT) to accelerate workflows with bots.


+  Easy polls for the coordination of meetings and employee surveys.


+  Live location to monitor the movement of chat members on a map in real-time.


+  Secure guest access for the external communication with customers, partners and suppliers.


+  Chat widget for instant messaging with website visitors.


Furthermore Teamwire developed numerous smaller innovations for all apps, and also released several advanced features for the security, data protection and administration of our secure enterprise messaging app.


Intuitive Messaging App to Cover All Possible Use Cases


Our users highly value the simple user interface combined with the powerful feature set. And that is exactly the core of our product strategy: A very intuitive messaging app that covers all possible use cases for the mobile workers in enterprises, the public sector and healthcare. The goal is to increase the productivity of mobile workers with more innovative features, while keeping the app as simple and fast to use as possible.


Much More Innovations on the Roadmap


The additional features above give an understanding of Teamwire’s mission to provide much more than secure enterprise messaging. In order to increase the value and benefit of our secure enterprise messaging app for customers, we actually have many more innovations on our roadmap. Some of these things might be easier to guess. However, several upcoming features will be quite surprising. In any case, some more exciting releases are going to happen until the end of 2020.


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