Teamwire API 14 Release

Teamwire is delighted to announce its API 14 Release – the newest version of the most secure enterprise messaging app.

Teamwire, Jul 30 2020

Teamwire API 14 includes significant new features and relevant improvements to guarantee both an enterprise-grade administration and effortless user experience.


The release is jam-packed with the following highlights:

1. Device limitation per user
2. Additional contact profile fields
3. Teamwire Web Client token enabled
4. The next level of group communications
5. User interface re-design


Here are the details:


Device limitation per user

Based on client scenarios and customer feedback, in specific use cases it can be important to limit the number of devices per user. From the IT-administrator perspective the accessibility needs to be controlled and managed comprehensively. The new Teamwire feature provides an explicit limitation of useable devices and ensures a non-abuse of licenses. The major objective of restricting users to not register more devices than assigned by the IT-admin is easily achieved.


Additional contact profile fields

Teamwire extended its contact profile section with phone number and email fields to enable a quick interaction via phone and email with other users. These fields can be set by the user or filled automatically via an MDM or UEM for all the users of an organization. The new contact profile feature enables enterprises to use Teamwire as a full corporate directory – and replace corporate address books like Outlook: Users can be searched for in the directory and contacted from their profile via chat, email and phone.  The development allows also the use in pool device scenarios – the utilization of one device used by diverse users, for instance in shift work.


Teamwire secure token enabled for Web Client

Depending on the security and compliance requirements, some organizations set a secure token in the Teamwire dashboard for registration and login in order to prevent a use of Teamwire on unmanaged devices. We extended the access setting of this feature within the Teamwire dashboard, so that even if the token option is activated for mobile and desktop apps, now users can use the Web Client in parallel as well.


The next level of group communications

With the Teamwire API 14 release we’re reaching the next level of professional group messaging. The constant advancement of group messaging – from classical group chats to user groups and finally managed groups – leads to a new structure and approach for a better group chat experience.

We distinguish between:


  • Group chats: A user is able to select a number of recipients from the directory to create a group chat. These recipients from the directory can be several contacts, a list or a circle or a combination of contacts, lists and circles in case of larger group chats.
  • Lists: Formerly known as user groups, a user can create personal lists (e.g. for projects, teams or regions) to quickly create group chats for a specific topic. Lists help to create group chats with frequent contacts and to avoid that different topics get mixed in the same group chat.
  • Circles: Formerly known as managed groups, circles are created by IT-administrators in the Teamwire dashboard. Only IT-administrators have the rights to create and change the members of a circle within the Teamwire dashboard. Circles are linked to every chat where they are used, so when a user is added or removed from a Circle by IT, the membership of all chats where the circle exists are automatically updated.


User interface re-design

Our intention is to thrive for the easiest messaging user experience. For this reason, we improve Teamwire’s user interface continuously by adding communication innovations and also adjustments provoked by leading private messaging app vendors such as WhatsApp. The new re-design includes:


Better chat creation: Radically simplifying how to create 1:1 chats, group chats and broadcast chats.


Improved directory: Facilitating to find the right contacts, lists, circles and bots as quickly as possible with minimal time spent and effort. On top, bots are now differentiated from regular users for a better overview.


Disable functions:


– Users can now disable read receipts – if allowed by the IT administrator within the Teamwire dashboard
– Delete function: A user can delete a sent message for everybody in the chat. The message is then removed with a status message noting who deleted the message.
Note 1: Users can only delete own messages.
Note 2: To keep all compliance standards properly with regard to privacy and security settings, deleted messages remain in archive without deletion.

The backend release took already place. The most important dates for deployment are:


31st of July 2020: API 14 available for download – Apps for private utilization for deployment over MDM
31st of August: Public App Store availability


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