Teamwire Integrates Leading Enterprise File Sharing Solutions

For the productivity of businesses and for our enterprise messaging app we have some important news to announce today

Teamwire, Aug 18 2016

Teamwire’s business messaging app is now capable of sharing all kinds of files – e.g. PDFs, Word-documents, Excel-tables, Powerpoint-presentations, different photo and video formats, and even ZIP-files.


With the desktop app of Teamwire for Windows, Mac and Linux these files can be directly attached from the file manager and shared in a chat. The files can then be opened, saved and edited with the program of choice on the desktop.


One the mobile apps Teamwire offers integration of leading enterprise file sharing services. The latest release of our iOS app leverages the document provider API. Teamwire users can send files from any file sharing service that supports this extension. This works for leading file sharing solutions like Box, Acronis, Novell Filr, Dropbox, Google Drive, Business Connector and many more.


The professional file sharing capability enables users to quickly exchange files with colleagues on the desktop in the office and/or with teams with mobile devices on the go. Thus a user can easily and instantly share and view documents of any kind wherever and whenever it is necessary. The productivity benefit is huge: Workflows get simplified, processes are accelerated, the collaboration is improved and the information exchange is enhanced.


For enterprises this is an important step towards a mobile office. Teamwire’s business messaging app is the central communication hub for the whole enterprise. The integration of file sharing allows the exchange of information of any kind. The combination of our own file exchange on desktop devices with professional enterprise file sharing solutions on mobile devices allows all possible use cases. The result is a leading productivity tool in the mobile era.