Teamwire introduces function for emergency communication

Teamwire is a secure business messaging app for companies, government agencies and healthcare organizations. With a new emergency function for critical situations and emergencies, Teamwire can now accelerate the flow of information, improve employee protection and provide comprehensive support in crisis communications.

Teamwire, Mar 28 2020

Since we currently have many inquiries regarding these features, we wanted to give an overview of Teamwire’s use cases in crisis communication:


1. Alerting and Escalation of Critical Events


Often there are critical events or emergencies about which employees must be informed immediately. Messages with normal push notifications are not sufficient in these cases, because they do not generate enough attention on the recipient’s device. That is why our secure messaging app offers its own alarm messages. These alerts are priority messages that are received on the device with a special alarm tone and highlighted visually.


2. Transparent Alerting Reports and Read Receipts


A recipient can easily acknowledge an alarm, inform about her/his availability or request help if necessary. All reactions to an alarm are automatically summarized in a clear alerting report, which is available for every chat participant with a click. There is always an up-to-date list of who has acknowledged an alarm, who needs help and whose feedback is still missing. These features significantly simplify and improve coordination.


3. Direct Access to All Relevant Contact Persons


With our secure messaging app all important employees and contact persons can be directly connected to deal with and solve a crisis situation. A crisis team can communicate with each other in real time and regardless of location.


4. Faster Information Flow with Distribution Lists


Teamwire offers distribution lists to quickly reach specific recipient groups. This avoids a time-consuming individual selection of recipients for a group chat. These distribution lists can be set up for e.g. teams, on-call duty, regions or the crisis committee and can have more than 1.000 members. When creating new group chats, you can select (or combine) a distribution list with one click and start crisis communication directly.


5. Effective Coordination of Crisis Situations with Group Chats


Group chats help with the coordination and can continuously inform employees on the development of a crisis situation. Group chats are also helpful in crisis communication when it comes to decision-making. Teamwire’s poll feature is often used for this. There are also dedicated alarm chats with the highest priority in the chat overview. The professional chat administration helps to manage the participants and enables quick adjustments to the situation.


6. Large Group Chats Increase Reach


The group chats of our secure messaging app are scalable and allow more than 1.000 participants. Information can be spread quickly in an organization and e.g. even an entire region can be informed. We also offer broadcasting chats for information distribution. Only chat administrators are allowed to write in such chats, while the recipients only have read access.


7. Better Information Exchange with Digital Media and Documents


With Teamwire, employees can exchange any digital content such as photos, videos, voice messages, location information and files (e.g. PDF, Office) and view or play them directly in the app. Digital content helps considerably in crisis communication, because it can often better describe a crisis situation and site. Even documents such as checklists and manuals can be easily sent.


8. Location-Independent and Device-Independent Communication


Our secure messaging app can be used by enterprises, public authorities and healthcare organizations on all devices. There are native apps for smartphones, tablets and PCs as well as a web client. Therefore, users can participate in the crisis communication with almost any device regardless of their location.


9. Communication with External Parties and Organizations


Even external parties like e.g. business partners, advisors, volunteers, etc. can be involved in the crisis communication. There are special guest accesses for this. Even a communication with other organizations is easily possible, if the enterprises are hosted on the same infrastructure.


10. Automatic Information from Third-Party Systems


Teamwire can be connected to any third-party system and service. Examples include information systems, mission control systems, alarm systems, databases, RSS feeds or in-house developments. Such third-party systems can automatically forward information to individual Teamwire users or entire groups, which significantly improves the flow of information.


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