Teamwire Joins AppConfig Community and Supports Airwatch

Today we have a great announcement: Teamwire's secure enterprise messaging app joins the Airwatch ACE program for professional enterprise mobility management (EMM).

Teamwire, Feb 23 2016

The app configuration for the enterprise (ACE) program is Airwatch’s initiative for native best practices for configuring and securing apps in the enterprise. The goal of the program is to enable organizations to easily deploy, manage and scale apps while providing a seamless experience for users.


Enterprise-grade security, data protection, administration and compliance play a core role for our business messaging app. Teamwire strives to set high security standards, to protect corporate data, to provide a safe user experience, to enable easy administration and to ensure company-wide compliance. A part of this is a comprehensive mobile application management of Teamwire, which is now also possible with ACE.


ACE enables businesses to easily deploy and manage our enterprise messaging app: Teamwire can be quickly configured for and distributed to all mobile devices of the enterprise. Global policies can be set for all employees in order to prevent data loss and assure compliance. All business data can be protected in a corporate container. In addition, secure tunneling and certificates can be used to protect access to corporate resources and data centers. All this helps enterprises to more rapidly achieve productivity gains and improve the internal communication with our enterprise messaging app.


The ACE program has recently gained momentum. More and more solutions have joined this community and taken steps to meet this standard. Airwatch announced today at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona that organizations now have access to over 60+ secure enterprise applications.


At Mobile World Congress it was also announced that three leading EMM providers – MobileIronIBM MaaS 360 and JAMF – will join the Airwatch ACE initiative. This is a strong validation of the program. The endorsement of other leading EMM vendors is very important for the long-term mission to drive native standards in enterprise app development, security, deployment and administration.


Due to the larger community and stronger support the ACE program is going to rebrand to AppConfig Community. This mutual initiative is likely to get official support of Apple and hopefully Android. All information around the new AppConfig Community will soon be available at:


Teamwire is very excited to be part of the AppConfig community and to help enterprises to easily configure, roll-out and manage our secure enterprise messaging app on mobile devices across the organization.