Teamwire Releases 2-Factor Authentication for Advanced Administration Security

Teamwire today released a 2-factor authentication mechanism for its administrator portal for maximum access security.

Teamwire, Jun 23 2016

The app-based second factor for the authentication of IT administrators ensures that all sensitive and confidential enterprise data in the administrator portal remains secure and fully protected.


Nowadays, IT security is a number one priority for businesses, and traditional passwords simply aren’t enough. With Teamwire, IT administrators who want 2-factor security download an authenticator app (e.g. like Sophos Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, Google Authenticator) to their smartphone. The authenticator app generates a 6-character security code for each login, that is one the one hand limited in time (30 seconds validity) and on the other hand required in addition to user name and password.


The new 2-factor authentication for the administrator portal is available for all cloud, private cloud and on-premise deployments of Teamwire. IT administrators can easily configure the 2-factor authentication in the administrator portal: Please click on your name on the right and go to “Profile”. Then click on the third tab “Two-factor Authentication” and proceed with the required steps.


The 2-factor authentication supports our mission to provide enterprise messaging with leading usability and maximum securityfor businesses. The new security feature provides fast, easy and reliable access, and ensures maximum protection of user data, corporate content, organizational policies and infrastructure access of your enterprise.


1. Direct, fast and easy coordination on the road


Today, employees are regularly on the road and on business trips. A mobile enterprise messaging app ensures fast communication and good coordination with colleagues, whenever and wherever it is needed. Employees can share digital content such as photos, videos, voice messages, locations, links and files. This enables easier information sharing and better coordination within the company.


2. Better communication between sales, field service and customer service


Mobile enterprise messaging allows employees on the go to chat instantly, easily share news and updates, and quickly discuss important issues. Mobile enterprise messaging offers group chats that are often used as virtual team conferences by employees.


3. Make decisions quickly and immediately


Mobile enterprise messaging allows employees to make decisions faster, which is often essential to the success of a business. Some business decisions cannot wait because costs are rising or opportunities are missed. With group chats, all important topics can be addressed, discussed and immediately resolved in a mobile enterprise messaging app.



4. Accelerate mobile workflows and collaboration


Mobile enterprise messaging simplifies internal communication, accelerates processes and improves overall collaboration. Read receipts for group chats provide immediate feedback, allow easy follow-up and make communication more effective.


5. Protect corporate data and confidential conversations


Employees on business trips are often the target of hacker attacks, wiretapping and malware. Mobile enterprise messaging apps like Teamwire offer very strong encryption mechanisms that protect communications and corporate content. In addition, Teamwire is based on German standards and meets the requirement for very high data protection for companies.


6. Connecting mobile employees with colleagues at the office PC


Enterprise Messaging connects employees who are on the road with colleagues who work at a stationary PC in the office. Enterprise messaging ensures that time-critical messages are delivered immediately to all parties involved, that information is exchanged efficiently between mobile employees and the office, and that direct team communication is possible regardless of location.


7. Permanent communication channel for mobile teams


The group chats of a mobile enterprise messaging app serve as permanent communication channels for mobile teams, projects, topics and areas. These communication channels provide quick access to news, content and ongoing conversations, help to solve problems and allow the immediate exchange of ideas and knowledge. Mobile enterprise messaging simplifies collaboration for mobile teams and across the enterprise.


8. Empower employees in factories, stores and warehouses


Employees in branches, factories and warehouses use mobile enterprise messaging for fast communication and coordination of all important operational activities. A mobile enterprise messaging app is also a great alternative to walkie-talkies and offers employees an app for quick chatting.


9. Immediate answers and faster feedback


A mobile enterprise messaging app delivers real-time communication and ensures that important information is received immediately. Real-time messaging capabilities help employees respond quickly and reduce response times.


10. Fast distribution of messages and news


Mobile enterprise messaging for companies allows employees to distribute news directly within the company. News and updates can be easily distributed in real time to the team and/or the entire company, allowing each employee to be quickly informed of the latest status.


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