Teamwire Releases New Monitoring and Audit Features for the Administrator Portal

Professional administration and leading compliance are important benefits of our enterprise messaging app.

Teamwire, Mar 12 2017

Teamwire today released a couple of new features for its administrator portal. The new administrative controls enhance monitoring of our messenger for enterprises and offer advanced audit functionality:


New Dashboard and User Statistics


Teamwire improved the dashboard design of the administrator portal and added some new user statistics. In addition to the number of messages sent by day and by month, administrators can now get detailed analysis of daily and monthly active users (DAU and MAU). Furthermore, there are live statistics for the last 72 hours. All statistics are available for individual tenants as well as for an aggregated multi-tenant view.


These performance indicators help administrators of our enterprise messaging app to understand the user activity in more detail. This is especially important during roll-outs and on-boarding of new users and units. However, it also helps to get insights in the weekly/monthly messaging activity and at what times the messenger is most used by employees.


Audit Logs


Teamwire now officially provides professional audit logs at part of its administrator portal. The audit logs for our enterprise messaging app record all administrator activities and important user events in a security-relevant chronological record. The audit logs provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected  the operation and all events of our enterprise messenger.


On the one hand, the audit logs register e.g. when an administrator logs in, makes changes to the configuration of data protection policies or invites new users. On the other hand, the audit logs also record e.g. the registration of new users or devices. All entries in the audit logs are recorded with exact time stamps, user details, IP-adresses and an description of the event.


The new audit logs are audit-proof and compliant to all industry regulations and standards. The various regulations have specific mandates relating to audit logs. Teamwire’s messenger for enterprises complies with all important industry regulations and standards.