The Teamwire Dash Button – Combining Enterprise Messaging and IoT

The internet of things (IoT) market is strongly growing and offers a variety of important uses cases in combination with our enterprise messaging app. Teamwire now allows to connect all kind of IoT buttons and even provides an own dash button for enterprises.

Teamwire, Jan 11 2019

The IoT button is a programmable hardware button, that can be connected to our enterprise messaging app via bluetooth or wi-fi. It can be easily configured with our SDK and an enterprise can code the dash buttons logic in various ways.


For example by pressing the IoT button:


1. Teamwire sends a message to an employee,


2. Teamwire informs a team of a request, or


3. Teamwire alerts an emergency group.



This enables some very interesting new use cases of dash buttons and our enterprise messaging app:


1. Customer Service Request


The IoT buttons can be placed at locations in shops, retail stores, stations or offices, where customers can request service or support on demand. By pressing the dash button a message is send automatically via Teamwire to the responsible employees in the customer service team. Thereby the employees instantly receive a notification of the service request and its related location.


2. Supply Refill in Production Plants, Warehouses and Offices


In production plants, warehouses and offices there are often machines or storage places that run out of material or stock. At these machines or storage places IoT buttons can be positioned. By triggering the dash button the teams, which are responsible for the refill of the material or the ordering of new inventory, are immediately informed and can take measures in a timely manner.


3. Facilities Need Maintenance


Sometimes machines need maintenance, rooms need to be cleaned or restrooms need service. For these scenarios an IoT button at such a location can help. By pushing the dash button the maintenance personnel can be quickly briefed via our enterprise messaging app of the request.


4. Ordering in Hospitality Industry


In hotels, restaurants and sport facilities the dash buttons can be used as well. There are often locations where service personnel is not available permanently. Examples would be gyms, car parks or conference rooms. Here the IoT buttons can be a way for customers to easily call service personnel on demand.


5. Alerting in the Public Sector and Stores


Dash buttons in the public sector, financial services and retail stores can be used to inform security personnel of critical events. For example, an IoT button can be attached below the table in an office of a government official. If a situation with a citizen might escalate, the official could call security personnel for help via our enterprise messaging app by simply activating the hidden dash button. Similar scenarios would work in banks and retail stores.


6. Emergency in Healthcare


In hospitals and healthcare facilities the IoT buttons can be placed in rooms or at beds of patients. In case of an emergency this dash button is triggered by a patient or nurse, who needs help. By pressing the dash button our enterprise messaging app sends instantly an alert to the medical team on duty. The alert can include relevant patient and location data.


These are some basic use cases of IoT buttons and our enterprise messaging app. However, there are many more uses cases.


Multiple Configurations of a Dash Button Possible


The dash button can be configured in different ways. Depending if it is one click, two clicks or a long click, different messages can be delivered via Teamwire.


For example in a retail store an IoT button at a cash point could be set to this behavior:


1. One click sends a message to the checkout personnel: „Long queue – We need to open another cash point.“


2. Two clicks send a message to the store manager: „We run out of change at the cash point.“


3. Long click sends an alert to the security personnel: „ALARM – Someone tries to rob us!“


Interesting Combinations of IoT Buttons with Machines, Software and Services


In addition, the dash button can be combined with machines and IoT as well as any kind of 3rd party software (ERP, CRM, etc.). For example, by pushing an IoT button a machine could get started and simultaneously notifications are sent via our enterprise messaging app to inform a team of the event and to update the ERP system.


Teamwire provides comprehensive documentation for its SDK and the IoT buttons. It is really easy to setup and configure the dash buttons for our enterprises messaging app. Besides the SDK of Teamwire makes it easy to connect different systems and services.


Overall the results for customers are accelerated processes, automated workflows, improved safety and increased productivity. If you would like to know more about our dash buttons and Teamwire, please contact us.