Top 10 Use Cases of Mobile Enterprise Messaging for Businesses

Fast and straightforward mobile messaging is becoming increasingly important for businesses.

Teamwire, Jun 05 2016

70-80% of the internal communication of an enterprise will be done via messaging apps on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in the years to come. Mobile enterprise messaging is an important driver for businesses for improved communication, better collaboration and increased productivity. There are many important use cases of a mobile enterprise messaging app in an organization.


Here are the Top 10 use cases and resulting benefits for businesses:


1. Enable Direct, Fast and Easy Coordination on the Move


Employees nowadays are regularly traveling and on the road. A mobile enterprise messaging app ensures fast communication and an easy information exchange with colleagues whenever and wherever required. Employees can share digital content like photos, videos, voice messages, locations, web links and files. This enables faster information exchange and better coordination within the business.


2. Empower Mobile Agents, Field Staff and Customer Services


Mobile enterprise messaging enables mobile workers to instantly chat with each other, easily exchange information and quickly discuss important matters on the go. Mobile enterprise messaging provides group chats for virtual team meetings, when mobile workers are on the move.


3. Ensure Quick and Prompt Decision-Making


Mobile enterprise messaging enables employees to make quick decisions that are often critical for the success of the enterprise. Certain business decisions cannot wait due to lost opportunity and/or high costs involved. With group chats in a mobile enterprise messaging app all relevant topics can be addressed, discussed and solved immediately.


4. Accelerate Mobile Workflows and Collaboration


Mobile enterprise messaging simplifies the internal communication, speeds up processes and improves the collaboration overall. Read receipts for group chats provide instant feedback and make the communication more effective.


5. Protect Corporate Data and Confidential Conversations


Employees, who are traveling, are often the target of malware attacks and eavesdropping. Mobile enterprise messaging apps like Teamwire provide strong encryption measures that keep the communication safe. In addition, Teamwire is based on German and European standards and meets the demand for very strong data protection for businesses.


6. Connect Mobile and Desktop Workers


Enterprise messaging connects mobile and desktop workers of a business, and ensures that time-critical messages are instantly delivered to everybody involved. Mobile workers use an enterprise messaging app to quickly communicate with team members in the office, in order to directly exchange important information and drive business forward.


7. Permanent Channel for Mobile Teams


The group chats of a mobile enterprise messaging app serve as permanent channels for mobile teams, projects and topics. These channels provide fast access to content and ongoing conversations, help to solve topics and allow to instantly share ideas and knowledge. Mobile enterprise messaging simplifies the collaboration of mobile teams and across the business.


8. Empower Plant, Store and Warehouse Workforces


Workers in stores, plants and storage depots use mobile enterprise messaging for quick communication and coordination of all important operational activities. A mobile enterprise messaging app is also a great alternative to walkie-talkies and provides workers with a fast chat app.


9. Instant Replies and Quicker Response Times


A mobile enterprise messaging app delivers all communication in real-time and ensures that mission-critical information is immediately received. The instant messaging capabilities help employees to quickly react and to reduce response times.


10. Fast Sharing of Updates and News


Mobile enterprise messaging enables employees to directly share news within the organization. Updates can be easily distributed in real-time to teams and/or the whole business, and can quickly inform everybody of the current status.


Mobile enterprise messaging is a very important topic for businesses in the years ahead. If you are interested to find out, how your business can benefit from a mobile enterprise messaging app like Teamwire, please contact us.