Use Cases of Group Chats in an Enterprise Messaging App

The use of instant messaging apps in the enterprise continues to strongly grow. Some of the most prominent use cases are group chats.

Teamwire, Oct 15 2018

While most enterprises are familiar with standard group chats, nowadays there are more advanced and innovative types of group chats within enterprise messaging apps, that highly benefit the productivity, coordination and security of businesses. In this blog post we want to give a comprehensive overview of possible use cases of group chats and required features for an enterprise messaging app.


Basic Group Chats


For a quick and easy group communication a user simply selects a couple of recipients and starts a group chat. In this chat members can then exchange messages and share digital content.


Team Channels


For teams, units and departments permanent group chats can be set up in our enterprise messaging app, that serve as ongoing communication channels for these organizational groups (e.g. marketing, sales, engineering, etc.). These team channels improve the information exchange, simplify the coordination and accelerate decision making. These team channels can be easily adjusted for joining or leaving team members.


Topic-based Group Chats


For important topics, issues or discussions individual group chats can be started. These topic-based group chats help to highlight certain subjects and discuss it only with the relevant colleagues. Also a topic-based group chat avoids that different topics get mixed up e.g. in the communication of a team channel. From a feature perspective our enterprise messaging app allows to easily set and edit the title of group chats.




Broadcasting is the right group chat type in order to distribute information, news and updates in one direction. In these group chats only selected users have the right to write messages and share digital content, while the recipients only have reading rights. This helps to quickly spread information (e.g. from the CEO) and to keep a group chat more quiet at the same time.


Large Group Chats


Enterprises and public sector organizations sometimes have the requirement of large group chats to immediately reach a large number of recipients. These group chats in our enterprise messaging app might have several hundred chat members. This can be important in case of emergencies or critical events and helps to get everybody on the same page.


Distribution Lists


Selecting recipients of a group chat one by one can be time intensive – especially for group chats with many members. Distribution lists in an enterprise messaging app can help to start a new group chat with just a few clicks. Our enterprise messaging app allows to easily configure distribution lists for teams, topics and projects.


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These are the most needed types of group chats in the enterprise and the public sector. In addition, there are actually some more interesting use cases and advanced group chat features, which are part of our enterprise messaging app. Please contact us for more information on all use cases and existing group chat features in Teamwire.