Which hosting fits your Teamwire usage? Cloud or on-premise?

Businesses often wonder what cloud or hosting environment is best for their organization. Because of different models and services, one cloud is actual not equal to another cloud.

Teamwire, Jan 31 2019

This also applies to the cloud of a secure enterprise messaging app. It is not just about differences in terms of privacy and security, e.g. whether data is stored in a European cloud or on own servers, but also about questions related to maintenance, connectivity, scalability and costs.


We offer three types of hosting for our secure enterprise messaging app: German cloud, private cloud and on-premise. The hosting options of Teamwire meet a variety of requirements, which we explain below. The criteria should help companies to choose the right cloud for our secure enterprise messaging app.


1. Number of Users of the Enterprise


For customers with less than 200 users, we usually recommend choosing the German cloud or private cloud of our secure enterprise messaging app. These cloud options reduce internal maintenance and support costs to a minimum. This allows the typically smaller IT teams of a company of this size to focus on other topics.


2. Available IT Staff


Generally the on-premise version of our secure enterprise messaging app is easy for businesses to install and to maintain. So relatively few resources from the IT team are needed. Still, someone has to deal with such topics of an on-premise solution of Teamwire. If a company’s IT staff is under heavy load already, it could reduce such resource bottlenecks by using the German cloud or a private cloud of Teamwire.


3. Required Scalability


Often enterprises grow, expand abroad or take over competitors. In such cases there is a need to quickly activate hundreds of new users or provide additional storage. Basically, our secure enterprise messaging app is very flexible and scalable in the German cloud, private cloud as well as on-premise. Even for Teamwire’s on-premise solution there are highly available and extremely powerful cluster architectures. However, in the case of an on-premise solution the enterprise itself must provide the necessary infrastructure and, if necessary, expand it at short notice.


4. Desired Server Location


Due to data protection the location of the servers plays an important role. Especially with regard to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) companies should pay attention to the storage of all data in Europe. Ideally, the servers are located in the country of the enterprises’ headquarters. The servers of our German cloud are – as the name implies – in Germany. We can operate a private cloud in almost every country worldwide. For an on-premise solution, data is stored exclusively on the customer’s servers. In that sense, our secure enterprise messaging app can help companies with any desired location.


5. Low Latency


Of course, the transmission of data transfer should be as short and fast as possible. As already mentioned, the German cloud is located in Germany. Teamwire’s private cloud or on-premise solution can be deployed anywhere in the world. Thus, by choosing an adequate hosting option the latency times of our secure enterprise messaging app are kept to a minimum.


6. Compliance and Legal Requirements


Many government agencies and healthcare organizations need to store data to their own servers due to regulatory and security requirements. As a result of internal compliance standards some enterprises are required to keep and protect sensitive data (such as R&D data, financial information or customer data) within their own infrastructure. For such customers, a private cloud or the on-premise version of our secure enterprise messaging app is the right choice.


7. Data Backup


In the German cloud or a private cloud of our secure enterprise messaging app, data backup is carried out automatically. In an on-premise solution customers usually take care of these tasks themselves. These criteria can also influence the choice of the appropriate hosting option.


8. Business Continuity in a Crisis Situation


Sometimes, permanent availability is important to customers to ensure continuity of business communication and productivity at all times. In such cases, enterprises intentionally distribute the IT systems to various external cloud and internal on-premise servers. For example, there are customers who generally focus on cloud services, but do not want to completely depend on such services in case a cloud fails (e.g. email). That’s why these customers then operate an on-premise solution of Teamwire to protect against such a scenario. Of course, there are also companies who run our secure enterprise messaging app in the German cloud or a private cloud, in order to protect against failures of on-premise systems.


9. Certification and Security Standards


All our data centers of the German cloud are ISO-27001 certified and our company generally follows the standards of the German Federal Office of Information Security and the Cloud Security Alliance. In addition, Teamwire meets the highest security requirements of enterprises and public authorities, uses strong encryption and complies with German and European data protection laws. A private cloud can be set up in one of our data centers or in an infrastructure of a provider chosen by the customer. For an on-premise solution the customer usually has their own data center for the operation of our secure enterprise messaging app.


10. Own Operation or “Managed Service”


Should an enterprise or a public authority want to operate Teamwire itself, the choice falls on an on-premise solution. If a customer prefers a managed service due to e.g. lack of IT personnel or limited technical know-how, the German cloud or a private cloud of our secure enterprise messaging app are good choices. In the case of a managed service, the Customer may procure various services from Teamwire or its channel partners (such as operation, maintenance, administration or support).


11. Integration and Connectivity to the IT Ecosystem


To drive digitalization and automate as well as accelerate workflows, it’s important to connect the company’s IT ecosystem with the secure enterprise messaging app. Examples include Teamwire’s connections to ERP/CRM systems, databases, intranets, alarm systems, IoT, machines, production facilities, etc. Customers should ask themselves which connections are most important, where these systems are (cloud, private cloud or On-premise) and what the easiest way is to connect to them to the secure enterprise messaging app. These requirements can influence the choice of the best hosting option (German cloud, private cloud or on-premise).


12. Features and User-Friendliness


All the features and usability of the German cloud, a private cloud and an on-premise solution of Teamwire are almost identical. There are two minor differences:


=> A private cloud as well as the on-premise version of our secure enterprise messaging app provides secure guest accounts (e.g. for partners or customers). In the German cloud there are even slightly more options to connect with external users.


=> In contrast, Teamwire generally has a multi-tenant and multi-domain capability, but administration of multiple tenants is simpler with a private cloud or on-premise solution.


13. Costs


Basically, for the German cloud, a private cloud and the on-premise version of our secure enterprise messaging app we charge a subscription fee per user per month. For a private cloud, there are additional costs for the dedicated infrastructure. For an on-premise solution, a customer needs their own IT staff for operation and maintenance. If necessary an enterprise can outsource such activities to service providers.


If you have any questions or would like more information about Teamwire and the three hosting options German cloud, private cloud and on-premise, please contact us.