The use of a messenger in construction yards

With Teamwire, we make all construction yard operations easier, more time-saving and more efficient. To this end, we have developed messenger features specifically for the construction yard.

Teamwire Business Messaging App

The most important messenger features for a construction yard

Simple documentation

Say goodbye to messy manual documentation. With Teamwire messenger, you have a centralized location for documentation such as mission progress and reports. Share mission details directly with your team, preventing the loss of information usually recorded on paper. Similarly, you can quickly record and send photos of damage and accidents.

Group chats

Group chats enable communication focused on teams, departments, divisions, or areas. Ensure smooth processes by creating group-specific chats and using them to distribute information in a targeted manner. Within the chats, you can keep an overview at all times, easily distinguish between operational teams and areas, and prevent information overload.

Video calls

Do you have an incident at the scene that you want to share with the incident coordinator and even show them? With secure video calls or conferences via Teamwire messenger, it’s easy to do. A fast, easy and secure communication flow via Voice-over-IP and video telephony allows mobile workers and hybrid teams to work together efficiently and collaboratively.

Live location

Share your current location with colleagues. Simplify operation communication and coordination by sharing your live location on a map in individual chats, group chats, or team channels. Everyone is informed about your location in real time and can initiate supporting activities in case of unforeseen events, e.g. on the way to the scene.


Support an immediate response to employee accidents and machine breakdowns. In the event of a machine failure or defect, an alarm can be triggered via Teamwire. An emergency button can also be pressed in the app in the event of serious accidents – for example, an employee accident. An alarm is visually highlighted and made recognizable by a special ringtone to call for help within seconds.

Third-party integrations

Mobile workers in particular often experience the additional effort of manually querying data or subsequently entering it into another system. Enable automated queries and/or input options via a bot using third-party integrations. This allows workflows to be digitized and processes to be optimized. Our construction yard bot, which was developed specifically for the industry, can be used for precisely this use case.

The Teamwire construction yard bot for easy coordination and seamless documentation

With the construction yard bot, available for integration in Teamwire messenger, you can simply and optimally coordinate your construction yard operations.

How to use the construction yard bot in Teamwire if you are an operations coordinator or operations supervisor

Als Einsatzkoordinator*in und Einsatzleiter*in den Bauhof-Bot in Teamwire nutzen

Step 1: Task creation and distribution by the task coordinator at the head office

  1. Create an operation on your computer
  2. Save the operation description, location, priority and pictures
  3. Send the operation to a selected operation supervisor
Einsatzdetails abhaken

Step 3: Operational documentation with text and image material

  1. The supervisor starts the operation by replying to the message displayed in the chat.
  2. He/she sends either a text message or a picture message.
  3. The progress of the operation is documented via text and/or photos
  4. The person in charge of the operation ends the operation by manually closing the chat.

Step 4: Automatic mailing of the operation report

  1. By closing the chat, the active operation is completed.
  2. The assignment coordinator receives an automatic e-mail with the operation report.
  3. The documentation from the chat is made available in PDF format, for example, and can then be archived centrally.
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