A work messenger for SMEs

Whether you have one, fifty, or a hundred employees, let your entire workforce chat easily and quickly via a work messenger – without any data protection concerns.

Why you should go for a work messenger as WhatsApp alternative for your SME business

Does your team still communicate via WhatsApp?

Your employees use WhatsApp as a standard chat app for easy coordination and communication? While the advantages are clear, the app is not GDPR-compliant in corporate use. Data protection and security are not guaranteed. Therefore WhatsApp is the wrong choice.

Already switched to Signal, Telegram or Threema?

Signal, Telegram and Threema promote better security and are thus good WhatsApp alternatives for private use. However, for professional communication their features only partially help you to achieve your business goals.

We offer the secure work messenger as an alternative of WhatsApp

Say goodbye to the queasy feeling of using an insecure messenger.

Use Teamwire as a work messenger including all relevant features for corporate use and ensuring strong European data protection laws.

In these industries SMEs are often relying on Teamwire


Nursing services / Medical practices /
Therapy facilities

Public safety

Fire brigades and volunteer fire departments / NHS / Johanniter / Malteser / Red Cross / Emergency services

Public services and authorities

Municipalities / Councils / Counties / Urban districts

Non-profit organizations

Social services

For which users is our work messenger for SMEs intended?

Connect your mobile employees with each other and the administration

Create a productivity boost – your teams should be connected anytime and at any place, in order to easily exchange information and quickly solve topics.

Made for the user of a perfectly normal messenger


Your employees should be able to easily receive, read and send messages without reading through a manual beforehand. That’s how you create user acceptance.

Support your mobile workforce and drive work messenger engagement

Engage the communication of your mobile workers and office employees. Cover more use cases with special business features and increase employee engagement.

Download the app, register and start!

We empower your mobile workforce to use Teamwire directly without any IT training.

Get started right away!

Don’t hesitate, just try it out. Download Teamwire and test all messaging features with your team!



Why should you use a secure work messenger in your SME?

Group communication

Provide your teams and mobile workers with direct communication in real-time and in purpose-built groups.


In particular Teamwire supports industries with a regular exchange of personal data and confidential information, because we provide full data protection and absolute data sovereignty.

System integrations and extensions

Teamwire stands for work messaging – from standard group communication to the “next level” communication hub and system integrations in form of bots.

Be your own IT

You don’t need to be an IT administrator to manage Teamwire. The user administration, data protection policies or even distribution lists can be easily managed via the Teamwire dashboard if required.

Not the user has the sovereignty, but the administrator of the organisation

An important differentiator from consumer apps is that the Teamwire app is centrally controlled by the administrator, not by the user as is the case with WhatsApp for example.

Grow with Teamwire

Teamwire can also serve as your communication hub. For example, you can connect third-party systems such as CRM and ERP platforms, IT systems, intranets and knowledge tools, electronic patient records, HIS systems as well as AI solutions.

Start now!

Teamwire is available for you as a direct download. Install Teamwire and test all messaging features with your team!